I have extreme anxiety issues when it comes to dentists so I was a nervous wreck when I went this morning for my appointment. I started crying before I went into the office which indicates how bad my anxiety is over dentists. I’ve not had the best of luck with dentists in the past and have always been made to feel like all that mattered was my money, not my health, teeth and overall well being. I was very, very apprehensive this morning as I was traveling to my appointment at Oklahoma Family Dentistry.

I simply cannot say enough about Dr. Hall and his team. I have never felt SO comfortable and cared for by a dental office – EVER! The compassion the dental team had for me put me at ease. Dr. Hall was very kind, caring, honest and thorough and never once made me feel like all he cared about was my money. Together with his assistant, they explained things in great detail so that I understood everything about my treatment and financial plans. I left my appointment actually feeling more a ease than I’ve ever felt leaving dental office. In fact, I left feeling happy and confident that I have found the right dentist for me and that he and his team will help me get the best possible treatment and care possible. I know I will get my beautiful smile back!

THANK YOU Dr. Hall and all of the staff at Oklahoma Family Dentistry!


Drs. Hall and Morris,


I am so happy with my new plate! The fit, the comfort and the look of it is fantastic! The overbite makes biting and chewing so comfortable now. The built-up areas of the plate are great too.

I know I said it before, however, I sure am glad that I stopped at your business that day in December, 2010. I was on my way to the Denture Laboratory that was on the corner near you. I did not know it was closed up and

gone until I got there. Stopping by and meeting you folks got my denture problem taken care of thanks to you and your team. It has been a pleasure to be a patient with you all, and the rest is history now.


Dr. Barrett,

Just wanted to say THANKS!

I have never had a doctor stop what he was doing to say a prayer for my family. Words can’t express how grateful we are. There is a reason God put you in my path. Thank you so much.


Dear Oklahoma Family Dentistry Folks,

Dr. Hall is absolutely the BEST. His professionalism, perfectionalism, work ethic, and honesty in business is unsurpassed. You will NOT be disappointed!


Dear Team at Oklahoma Family Dentistry,

Thank you so much for the beautiful card and the words of kindness. Although we are in a terrible place right now, friends like you give us comfort.


To anyone looking for a new dentist,

No better place to go for any of your dental needs!