“Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.”

                                                                               – Will Rogers


We believe that every patient deserves the benefit of a relaxed visit with their dentist. We want you to know that before doing any treatment or restorative care, we spend time with each patient asking questions and listening to our patient’s needs and wants. We are committed to helping our patients understand every step of their care or treatment. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our patients are educated on how to care for their mouth and smile so they’ll have a good dental health for a lifetime.

One of the goals of our website is to provide useful information for your visit. With that in mind, you’ll find info on scheduling appointments, patient forms and pre-op and post-op sedation information in this section of our site.


New Patient Forms

Please download our New Patient Forms, which can be completed prior to your first visit.

New Patient Form



Patient Forms

Please download our Patient Forms.

Request for Anesthesia

Informed Consent



Pre-op Care Instructions

Please download our pre-op instructions.

Pre-Op Treatment


Post Sedation & Surgery

Please download our post-op home care instructions.

Post Sedation

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